Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni

black coffee, denim, dark hair and brown eyes.

one of our new releases. hope you enjoy :)

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i can’t wait till i look like jesus. grow hair! grow!


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I could watch this for hours

Regina Spektor - Hero

That expectations vs reality moment

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I quite often write posts on tumblr, twitter (or any of the other social networking sites that are deemed cool) and I never post them. Sometimes it’s just good to write down my thoughts and read them back.

And maybe that makes me a closed book… But it’s a pretty good read.

Going back to the studio in a few weeks! Can’t wait. Some of the best weekends this year have been in this smelly (the studio doesn’t smell, actually it’s a very lovely studio but when five guys have been drinking and sleeping in the same space for 72 hours it starts to get a little funky) little studio with my friends. And as I always manage to tag along to WAF studio days, Andi is going to come down and represent the drunken extra. Stoked
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